Pretty Puppies Free Screensaver

Pretty Puppies Free Screensaver

Pretty Puppies Free Screensaver displays lots of images of puppies

Pretty Puppies Free Screensaver is a lovely screensaver that displays lots of images of puppies of different breeds, colors and sizes. Among the breeds included you will find Golden Retrievers, Sharpeis, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, Yorkshires, and Collies, to name but a few. The puppies are playing in the garden with their canine friends or simply posing for the photos. The images are extremely cute and funny, and they are shown with a different transition effect, which, unfortunately, you cannot customize. The screensaver also lacks sounds and music, which is a shame since they would definitely make it more attractive and enjoyable.

From the settings menu you will be able to customize video options, the time the images remain on the screen, the transition time, and the screen brightness. If you want, you can also show a FPS counter and a 24h or 12h clock in one of the screen corners, but you won't be able to select which corner.

In short, if you like puppies I'm sure you will absolutely love Pretty Puppies Free Screensaver.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of images
  • The images are really cute and funny,
  • Free


  • No music or sounds
  • You cannot customize transition effects
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